Discover 6 Month Smile braces

Are you one of the millions of people who are unhappy with their smile?

Do you cover your mouth when you smile or laugh? You may be thrilled to discover that 6 Month Smile braces can help you gain a straighter smile in no time at all. At Premium Dental Implants, we have a wealth of experience in helping people feel confident about their smiles from our base in Abergavenny, Monmouthshire.

To help you feel extra confident in your smile, we are also offering complimentary teeth whitening for services over £3500.

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What are they?

6 Month Smile braces are used to straighten front teeth that may be crooked or misaligned. True to their name, they usually take just 6 months, so are significantly faster than alternative treatments. They are also made with subtlety in mind; and are created with transparent and tooth-coloured materials for an almost invisible finish.

Why choose a 6 Month Smile over traditional braces

Many people are anxious about getting traditional braces as they are quite visible and can be, in some cases, painful or uncomfortable. 6 Month Smile braces are made of transparent and tooth-coloured materials, meaning they seamlessly integrate into your smile without being obvious or garish. This means that they are a subtle and efficient way to straighten your teeth and improve your confidence.

As opposed to other treatments, they are only attached to the teeth that require straightening. Thanks to this efficient process, the treatment is comfortable and barely noticeable.

What does the 6 Month Smile help with?

The 6 Month Smile system can help with:
  • Teeth that are crooked or pointing in the wrong direction.
  • Teeth that are twisted or rotated.
  • Resolving an uneven tooth line.

Plus, the incredible speed of this process means that you can improve your smile quickly and efficiently without being stuck in braces for too long.

If you would like to adjust the bite of your jaw, or the overall position of your teeth, you may need alternative treatment. Get in touch and our team can help you discover which treatment is best for your goals.

Why choose Premium Dental Implants

  • Our expert team are renowned for their knowledge and incredible customer service
  • We have redesigned the dental experience, with a calming space and a ceiling-mounted TV to keep you entertained during your treatment.
  • We have a range of financing options available, allowing you to spread the cost of your procedure through monthly instalments with 0% interest.
  • We offer complimentary teeth whitening for services over £3500, so you can become extra confident in your smile.

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