Proud to have sponsored Becky James

My wife Sarah and I would like to congratulate Becky James on her amazing career following her retirement from cycling.

Becky has been a family friend of ours for years and we have been very proud to sponsor her.

It’s been a pleasure supporting her and if nothing had come of it we would have still enjoyed it, but she’s repaid our faith in her 100 times over with her double world titles and double Olympic silver medals.

Her character has brought her through some dark days and it’s just been an example of what you can achieve if you’re prepared to make sacrifices.

Becky is one in three billion. Most of us can be better at what we do through sheer effort and Becky’s a great example of what you can achieve through effort and sacrifice and diligence, determination aside from her undoubted talent.

She’s a winner and has gone through a lot over the past few years and to see all her hard work pay off at Rio last year made us immensely proud.

Despite her success, she’s remained the same friendly girl who used to babysit for us all those years ago. With her support and encouragement, Sarah and I recently completed the Prudential London 100 raising £1,600 in memory of our Mums who both succumbed to Alzheimer’s.

We wish her well in her new baking business and the other exciting projects she has lined up and we are sure she will be just as successful as she was on the track.