Get the smile of your dreams with Cfast in Abergavenny

Cfast is an orthodontic treatment which can give you a more aligned smile within 6 months.

It is a discreet tooth-coloured brace which is specially designed for adults who wish to change the appearance of their smile, but with shorter treatment time than traditional braces. At Premium Dental Implants, our orthodontic experts can talk you through the process of getting Cfast in Abergavenny.

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How does Cfast work?

Cfast is a brace which is fitted to your front teeth and uses ceramic brackets to move the teeth into alignment. The nickel titanium brace is matched to the colour of your teeth, so it is much more discreet than metal tracks. For small tooth movements, a Cfast brace offers a quicker and more subtle solution to align your smile than conventional braces. Conventional braces are typically used for more complex tooth movement such as moving the back teeth and sometimes jaw alignment too.

How long does Cfast treatment take?

As the name suggests, Cfast is a quick way to achieve your dream smile. Whilst the treatment time can vary depending on how much movement is needed, most Cfast patients will complete their treatment in 4-6 months. In rare cases, this can increase up to 9 months. The best way to find out how long Cfast would take is to book a free consultation with us, so our expert orthodontists can assess your teeth and give you a more accurate timeline. To book a free consultation, click here.

Why choose Cfast?

  • Discreet, teeth-coloured braces
  • Average treatment time of 4-6 months
  • Perfect for small alignment changes
  • A gentler force on your teeth than traditional braces

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Stage one

Book your initial consultation

Book a free 1 to 1 consultation with one of our orthodontic dentists, to check your suitability for Cfast braces and ask any questions about your treatment.

Stage two

Have your aligners fitted

Your tooth-colour matched braces are fitted to your teeth, with the arch wire threaded through to begin your journey to beautifully aligned teeth!

Stage three

Changes to your dental routine

As your dentist will explain, you may need to avoid eating hard, crunchy foods or anything which could stain your teeth. Make sure to keep your teeth and aligner clean and free of food debris.

Stage four

Attend regular check-ins

In these check-ups, your dentist will check the progress of your teeth movements and make any adjustments needed to the arch wire, to keep the process on track.

Stage five

Removal and retainers

Once you come to the end of your treatment, the aligner can be removed and you will then have the option of a fixed retainer (a small wire bonded to the backs of your teeth to keep them in place) or a removable, plastic retainer to wear overnight.

Stage six


Enjoy your aligned smile and smile with confidence.

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