Dental Implant Testimonial from Mrs V.C.

We received a testimonial from Mrs V.C., who had dental implants to replace a set of dentures. Here’s what she had to say:

What do you do if you have problems with your dentures? Answer: see Dr Nigel Jones! That’s what I did after I suffered years of ill-fitting dentures and ended up using a whole tube of Fixodent per week in order to keep my lower dentures in place; not very good for my digestive system and certainly not good for my enjoyment of eating good food!

My first appointment with Dr Nigel Jones was an amazing experience. Not only was he very knowledgeable and had skilled and sensitive hands, he was also courteous, respectful and patient, in short had excellent ‘people skills’. He explained at length the various options he could see for my dilemma and followed it with a lengthy report. In the comfort of my home I could then reflect on the treatment plan and risks, written in a language I could understand, consider the financial implications, again explained clearly, and the time schedule.

It did not take me long to decide to have implants and I am still delighted that I did. There was discomfort at times, yes, (and looking at the photos he took for training purposes I am not surprised!), but the operation itself was blissfully ‘blanked out’ by an anaesthetic without the usual side effects. Rehypnol for once had been used for a good purpose.

And where else do you find a consultant, who gives you his mob number with the strict instruction to ring him whenever I need it? I did once, after long deliberations – as one does – only to find him answering from his motorbike on the way to giving a lecture.

I have never felt in such good (dental) hands. I was sure I would never be embarrassingly without dentures/teeth during the treatment, that it would be planned with my work schedule in mind, and that I would get swift help with any pain or discomfort. And I did.

I know other people said this before, but it is true. The implants feel like my own teeth. There is nothing strange about them, they do not feel alien in my mouth, I can eat whatever I want to eat now – and should I start kissing strange men again I will do it with the utmost confidence!

All I have left to say, from my heart and my mouth: MANY THANKS NIGEL JONES!