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Access some of the UK’s leading dental implants near Newport

The best dental implants Newport has to offer are accessible just a short 20-minute train journey away. Premium Dental Implants has a state of the art treatment centre in Abergavenny, offering quality treatment by one of the UK’s leading top dental implant surgeons, Dr Nigel Jones.

The negative impact of tooth loss

Losing teeth can affect the shape of your face, your speech and ability to chew

Tooth loss can have a negative impact on your quality of life. When one or more teeth are lost, the jawbone above or beneath the missing teeth shrinks and the bone and muscles around it can become brittle through a lack of use. The deterioration of your jawbone can cause the shape of your face to change making you look older. Your ability to chew and eat harder foods is also compromised and you may feel self-conscious about your smile.

Regain confidence in your smile

A permanent solution to tooth loss with dental implants Newport

Quality dental implants, placed by the top dental surgeons, provide a permanent solution to the negative impact tooth loss can have on your quality of life. If they are looked after, dental implants can last a lifetime. They are strong, stable and solid and look, function and feel like real teeth. Used to replace multiple teeth or a single tooth, implants help to prevent further bone loss, improving your confidence, speech and ability to chew. At Premium Dental Implants we use only the highest quality materials to ensure an exceptional success rate.

5 reasons why dental implants are more effective than dentures

The treatment process

Some of the best dental implants near Newport

Some of the best quality dental implants Newport or the surrounding area has available can be found at Premium Dental Implants. Our owner, Dr Nigel Jones is one of the UK’s leading dental implant experts. Dr Jones leads the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP) Implant diploma course at Royal College of Surgeons, London and teaches all over the world. Read below to find out more about the treatment process.

Stage one

Consultation & Planning

Consultations last between 20-30 minutes where all implant treatment options are explored. Examinations include a full CT scan and if necessary, study models of your teeth to determine the exact position for implant placement. Following your consultation, we will send you a written treatment plan outlining the treatment options discussed, along with a treatment timetable. Consultations cost £95 which is discounted off your treatment if you decide to proceed.

Stage two

Dental Implant treatment centre

The first phase of having dental implant treatment involves a relatively pain-free small surgical procedure. The implants are placed in the jawbone with most patients opting for a mild intravenous sedative. One implant placement takes around one hour. If you are having multiple implants these can usually be fitted in one appointment with proper planning. We always use resorbable sutures, saving you an additional visit to remove them.

There may be some swelling which will disappear within 4-7 days. In most cases, a temporary crown or bridge can be fitted the day the implant is placed, in which case, a soft diet is recommended initially. It takes three months on average for the implants to integrate into your jawbone.

Stage three

Replacement teeth made

After three months a small surgical procedure is used to expose the implants and to make sure the bone has grown around them to keep them firmly in place. A small cap (healing abutment) is placed on the implant to allow the gum to heal around it. Impressions are taken and sent to our Dental Technicians in order for the final crowns, bridges and dentures to be made. We will also do a colour match and take a note of your bite. Resorbable sutures are again used to save you an extra visit to remove them.

Stage four

Final phase of treatment

After two weeks the final crowns, bridges or dentures are placed on the implants to restore your natural smile. Your own dentist may provide this stage of the procedure.

* Please note the above should only be used as a guideline, as each case will be treated on an individual basis. Dr Nigel Jones is available to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

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Premium Dental Implants is easily accessible via train and car from Newport and there are plenty of places to park near our Abergavenny treatment centre. Regular trains run between Newport and Abergavenny Train Station, which is just a short 10-minute walk or taxi journey from our practice. If you are interested in some of the top dental implants near Newport or any of our other cosmetic dental treatments, then please call us on 01873 857400 or get in contact via our details below:

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