Dental practices open in Abergavenny, in the Dental Amber phase of COVID-19

We have put together the latest guidelines, as of October 2020, which explains when and for what can you have a dentist appointment in Abergavenny. As we are now in ‘dental amber’ phase, this means services are opening again, but not to the full capacity as before the pandemic.

We want to make sure we are prioritising care to those who need it most whist keeping our patients and staff as safe as possible.

Please note, that if you have tested positive for COVID-19, have symptoms or are self-isolating, you must tell the dental practice when you contact them for an appointment. They will then be able to advise you on next steps.


What measures will be in place?

All dental practices will be obliged to follow the Standard Operating Procedures, including social distancing and limited patients in the practice at one time. You can take a look at the full procedures in place at the Premium Implants practice, by taking a look at our blog, here.

We want to keep everyone safe and so we have taken extra precautions, such as using PPE which is above what is required as standard.

It is important that you do not attend a practice in person unless you have contacted and made your appointment arrangements ahead of time. This allows for the more careful control of social distancing, as well as ensuring the safety of our other patients and staff.


What can I make a dental appointment for?

Whilst we are now able to open our doors again, we must continue to prioritise more urgent dental health issues, such as pain at the site of a dental implant which is causing loss of sleep or concentration or swelling at the site of a dental implant which is spreading down your neck or up towards the eye.

To help clarify what is meant by a dental emergency, please take a look at the latest guidelines from Bupa, below.

How can I make my appointment?

You will now need to book any appointment online or over the phone. You will be asked standard health questions, as well as more specific questions about your dental health.

Please be clear about why you are calling when making your appointment, as we are experiencing a high volume of calls and want to make sure we can get you the appropriate help as quickly as possible.

To book an appointment, please call us on 01873 857400 or fill out our contact form.