Dental Implants Papers

Dr Nigel Jones actively contributes publications about Dental Implants

Dr Nigel Jones has had a wide variety of papers published drawing from his clinical experience within implant dentistry. He has contributed to such publications as Dental Update, Implant Dentistry Today, The Dentist, and Dentistry. Some of his papers have been cited by students in their assignments for the Implant Diploma.

Impression Technqiues for transfer of Information to the Laboratory

Because implants are connected directly to bone, dentists placing implants do not enjoy the tolerances allowed by movement within the periodontal membrane. Discrepancies in fit between large superstructures and the supporting implants are thought to create undesirable stresses in the implant-bone interface, and soft-tissue irritation and inflammation at the abutment-restoration interface…

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Bone Manipulation in the Maxilla (not including distraction osteogenesis)

Severe alveolar deficiencies in the Maxilla can prevent ideal implant placement in terms of a good aesthetic outcome, and sound biomechanical support for the eventual occlusion. To quote Sethi and Kaus: ‘Predictable methods to treat osseous ridge deficiencies are therefore a necessity to achieve treatment outcomes comparable to the results seen for the uncompromised alveolar ridge. Several ridge augmentation techniques, including bone-spreading, bone grafting, and guided bone regeneration, have been described in the literature’…

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Bone Grafts from Intraoral Donor Sites

Often the implant surgeon is faced with inadequate volume of bone to place a suitably sized implant in the correct place to allow a functional and aesthetic restoration…

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Alveolar Distraction Osteogenesis

This assignment seeks to establish from the literature, the principles, clinical technique, applications, and limitations of this technique of bone augmentation. Distraction Osteogenesis has been described as ‘the biological process of bone formation occurring between vital bone segments that are gradually separated by incremental traction’…

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Immediate replacement of a tooth with an implant

This assignment examines the technique, and factors predisposing to the success of replacing failing teeth with an immediately placed implant. Immediate replacement circumvents the time (typically 4-6 months) taken for sockets to heal, and is thus attractive to patients…

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