Training DVDs

Nigel has been commissioned by Ankylos to make training DVDs to assist new users of the system in the placement of dental implants. He also films cases for use in his lectures. A great deal of effort and expense has been made to ensure the visual quality of the edited films. DVDs of techniques such as ridge-splitting and guided bone regeneration are available from his website.

A Step-by-Step Guide

Several training DVDs have been made to assist dentists in the various procedures of implant dentistry. Techniques covered range from a straight forward single implant placement, multiple implant placements through to sinus-lifts/augmentations. Each video includes step-by-step commentary to guide clinicians through the whole procedure adhering to the correct protocols to achieve excellent results.

DVD Titles

  • Guided Surgery Using the ExpertEase System
  • Immediate Loading Using the Syncone Protocol
  • Ridge Splitting Procedure
  • Delayed Placement of Ankylos Implant
  • Immediate Replacement of a Lateral Incisor with an Ankylos Implant
  • Bone Augmentation Using a Mixture of Ridge Splitting and Guided Bone Regeneration

For more information on the training DVDs and referrals and learning from Dr Nigel Jones, please contact us here