Denture Stabilisation Implants Pontypool

Implant supported dentures are one of the most healthiest and effective forms of treatment for multiple tooth loss.

Ill-fitting or loose traditional dentures can cause people a lot of issues. Permanent implant dentures provide a cost-effective, long-term solution, which can help to improve your quality of life. Some of the top denture stabilisation treatment in the country is available just a short drive or train journey from Pontypool. Premium Dental Implants in Abergavenny, is led by one of the UK’s leading dental implant surgeons - Dr Nigel Jones.

Permanent Implant Supported Dentures

The loss of multiple teeth can cause a wide range of issues for patients. The bone under or above the lost teeth shrinks, which can cause changes to your facial structure, making you look older or frailer than you actually are. Your confidence, pronunciation and ability to chew and eat hard or sticky foods may also be affected. Dental implants are the only permanent solution to tooth loss and can help alleviate the issues mentioned above.

How denture implants work

Also described as ‘false teeth implants’ and ‘screw in teeth’, fixed implant dentures provide a more comfortable and solid foundation compared to a traditional denture. Typically between four and eight implant posts, made out of titanium, are fixed into your jaw following a small surgical procedure. The implants integrate with the jaw bone just like natural permanent teeth, providing a strong and solid foundation on which the dentures can be placed onto.

Many traditional denture wearers suffer from gum pain and soreness caused by dentures slipping or rubbing because they do not fit properly. Fixed firmly and securely to implants, permanent dentures provide a strong and solid tooth replacement solution, enabling you to bite and chew with confidence and eat the foods you love. Implant fixed dentures are also easier to clean and maintain.

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