From Hero to Zero

Wednesday evening is quiz night at our local pub and we usually manage to scrape together a team of family members and friends. We like to think that we’re generally a cerebral bunch doing better on the questions themselves and falling down a bit on the picture rounds.

Grampy usually earns his drink by knowing the answers to everything ancient and mythological and one of the kids will help us boost the score on music and TV questions. A couple of weeks ago we stormed to victory even doing well on the cartoon picture round. The next week saw us back eagerly anticipating another triumphant win. Oh dear….how the mighty are fallen. Even taking into consideration our 3 point deduction for winning the previous week we still trailed the field to a dismal last place. It just goes to show you can never be too complacent and there are always things that you can learn from others.

It’s an attitude that we adopt in our practice. Continuous education is crucial to keep you at the top of your game, but it’s also about teamwork. Listening to your staff and your patients, plus gaining valuable knowledge from colleagues all goes a long way to helping us get it right.