Giving the best advice and care

We’ve had a busy couple of weeks, editing teaching videos, writing papers for publication, and more importantly assessing and treating patients desiring dental implants.It is important to me that patients receive all the options available to them, and in some instances dental implants are not the treatment I recommend.

I received a lovely letter from a lady in response to the detailed assessment I sent her after her consultation. It read:

Dear Mr Jones,
Many thanks for the time you spent with me to assess my case.
At this stage I have decided to explore a metal denture with Dr R.
If I find that is not suitable I would then have implants and a bridge.
I was very impressed with your care and attention, and hope that you would consider treating me in the future should the metal denture not be suitable.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Mrs B.Y.

In another case, where a patient had lost a front tooth as a result of a rugby accident, we placed an implant to prevent bone loss after the broken root was extracted, but have left him with a temporary ‘sticky’-bridge until he decides to hang up his boots. A blow to an implant would result in a broken jaw rather than a broken tooth. Again it is down to me to tailor treatment to the whole person, rather than just filling a gap with an implant, and I want to repay patient’s trust with honesty and integrity when planning and providing treatment.

That’s more than enough for this posting, but thanks for your interest.