Transform your smile with Invisalign in Abergavenny

The ultimate convenience in teeth straightening

Invisalign is a discreet and convenient form of teeth straightening, which involves wearing custom-made clear plastic aligners to help move your teeth into their proper position. At Premium Dental Implants, our experienced Invisalign practitioner is here to help give you the smile you deserve in the Abergavenny and Monmouthshire area.

Plus, with any orthodontic treatment over £3,500, you’re eligible for complimentary teeth whitening.

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How does Invisalign work?

Before Invisalign, most people associated braces with metal, plastic or ceramic brackets, fixed onto the front of the teeth with a wire. Invisalign, however, is a clear teeth straightening solution, with removable plastic aligners that are changed every 2-3 weeks by your Invisalign practitioner.

There’s also zero tightening, wire alterations or elastic bands that get in your way – the only adjustments with Invisalign are to the new aligners every few weeks.

How long does Invisalign treatment take?

Helping with teeth alignment in minor and more complex cases, Invisalign can work its magic in as little as six months. Treatment times can vary depending on wear time and case complexity, and your dentist will give you a more accurate estimation of duration.

Most people notice a difference after three months, with results more noticeable after six.

Why choose Invisalign?

  • The ultimate convenience in teeth straightening.
  • Shorter treatment times.
  • Barely visible in the mouth.
  • More comfortable than conventional braces.
  • Perfect solution for minor overcrowding, spacing or orthodontic relapses.
  • Discreet method of teeth correction.

Starting your smile transformation couldn’t be easier!

The Invisalign process is really straightforward with Premium Dental Implants.

Stage one

Book in for an initial consultation

Our Invisalign dentist will efficiently take precise 3D digital scans of your teeth, working alongside you to put together a custom treatment plan that you’re happy with. Contact us.

Stage two

Begin wearing your aligners

Your custom-made aligners are laser-trimmed to the gum line, to ensure they fit perfectly against your teeth, to achieve greater comfort during treatment.

Stage three

Attend regular check-ins

You’ll have frequent check-ups with your practitioner every 6-8 weeks to check in on how your smile is progressing! There will also be other opportunities to pick up your next set of aligners.

Stage four

Continue your usual routine

Invisalign aligners are created to be virtually transparent and easy to remove, so you can eat and brush your teeth as normal – with fewer compromises than standard braces. Although, it’s important you wear them for at least 22 hours a day to ensure the treatment works as efficiently as it can.

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