It’s never too late for Dental Implants

Recently my father got married on his 81st birthday. I was the best man at his wedding and could honestly say that I have known him all my life. Prior to meeting his wife we would see him on a weekly basis, now it’s every 4-6 weeks but it’s great to see him happy, out and about and not sitting at home alone. Some people would say ‘Why bother getting married at that age?’

Others took the view of ‘Why not?’ It brought to mind an elderly patient who came in to explore the possibility of having dental implants. We discussed the various treatment options but she was adamant that she didn’t want dentures. I explained tactfully that given the expense and her age, would it really be the best value for her? She replied ‘Well what else will I spend my money on?’ She had the work done and is thrilled with her new teeth. It’s made a difference to her quality of life and made her feel younger and more confident. A small price to pay for happiness.