Lecture at the Royal College of Surgeons

I’m writing this whilst sitting in a lecture at the Royal College of Surgeons. (I do have a live feed of the Wales-Australia rugby game running on my phone, we’re winning 17-16). The subject is marketing aesthetic dentistry. It’s all good stuff, but there’s no way round the fact that there’s no point in promising what we can’t deliver. Every patient is different, and that’s why we need to consult each patient, and build a set of treatment options that meets their desires. They need to know the benefits, risks and costs of each option; and you can’t do that through mass marketing.

Good marketing provides our patients with information that hopefully gives them an introduction to what we may (or may not) be able to do for them. We’d like to think that the quality of our website also reflects the care we take in meeting our patients expectations.

We’d also want to provide consistency between the quality of our equipment and staff, and your experience with us. No amount of slick marketing will ever replace that, anymore than it will win games for Wales.

We’re now 23-22 up with nine minutes to go. Come on Wales!