Lifelong Learning

Last week we held a training evening for dentists who regularly refer their patients to us for dental implants. It’s a good opportunity for them to meet up and discuss their own experiences of dealing with the implant side of dentistry.

I usually give a short presentation on one of my current cases, but for the main event we arrange for a speaker to present on important aspects when placing the final teeth on the implants themselves. Many of our dentists let us do the surgery and they then finish off the final crown and bridge work, so it’s important that each step of the process is done well.

Our speaker this time was Graham Stokes from Bromsgrove. Graham lectures extensively around the country and one of his areas of expertise is getting the bite right. It was a very lively presentation with lots of amusing anecdotes and audience participation (no chance of anyone catching up on their sleep) – it’s amazing how enjoyable learning about implants can be! To round the evening off we enjoyed a dinner together and canvassed for opinions on what they would like to learn more about next time.