Making Implant Supported Smiles look Natural

We’re having a few days off which has given me a chance to review the last six months or so. During that time we’ve tried two new techniques for building teeth onto implants. One of them looks promising although not as universally useful as the manufacturers suggested it would be. The other is very limited in it’s application for giving people same day teeth.

This picture that I came across yesterday reminded me that people don’t buy implants, they buy smiles, and in this case I’m not sure that Jim Carrey got what he paid for. We like to spend time planning and mocking-up smiles that look natural and right for our patients. It takes time (and some money), but we do know what we’re aiming for before we get there.

Even then we sometimes need to make small adjustments, and occasionally our patients visit the technician to have fine alterations of shade and shape. Ultimately we’re only happy when you’re happy with your smile.