Musings from Hamburg

I was invited to the Densply World congress which took place in Hamburg last week. Densply is a US company with a turnover of more that £3billion a year – not surprising when you consider how much they charge us for implants! The particular implant that they produce which I use is called Ankylos. It was originally developed by Professor Nentwig from Frankfurt, who was there along with 2,500 other dentists from around the world.

I attended a good many of the lectures, but to be honest there was not a lot of new info out there. I often find you glean more knowledge from chatting to colleagues about their experiences than you do from sitting in the classroom. One thing that did strike me was the extent to which some surgeons rely on their technicians for what can only be described as disappointing surgery. One is also made to feel a little ashamed by one’s ineptitude to speak other languages – the Germans and Dutch slip effortlessly from their native tongue into almost faultless English. But a couple of letters can make a big difference –one delightful German professor claimed he was ‘outrageous’ rather than ‘outraged’ in his speech. I’d rather prefer him to be outrageous!

It was good to have the opportunity to chat with friends and colleagues I’d met on the diploma course but by Saturday lunchtime my work was done. I managed to find an Irish bar (there must be one in every city in the world) where I continued my education watching Wales win the Grand Slam in the Six Nations Rugby. Well done boys! The rest of the week has been busy with placing implants and I’d like to thank my team for all their hard work and the extra hours they put in for me.