Nigel Jones to chair dental implants conference at the Royal College of Surgeons

I am honoured to have been asked to chair the State of the Art Bone Augmentation and Implant surgery conference at the Royal College of Surgeons on Friday January 22nd 2016.

More than 250 delegates from all over the United Kingdom and Europe have signed up to attend the event which will feature seminars from four of the world’s leading authorities on dental implants: Professor Ziv Mazor, Patrick Palacci, Ulf Nannmark and Roberto Rossi.

Roberto Rossi is a doctor of dentistry at Genoa University in Italy, Professor Ziv Mazor is a leading Israeli periodontist and a well published author, and Patrick Palacci is head of the Branemark Osseointegration Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden, where Ulf Nannmark is also a professor.

I greatly respect all four men and the lifetime of work they have put into their knowledge and the application of it. They will be giving presentations on: thinking outside the box in modern implantology; the treatment of complex bone augmentation cases, collagenated biomaterials; the science of complex cases and the cortical lamina technique and the present and the future of 3D ridge augmentation. To top it off the presentations will be followed by a gala dinner in celebration of the event.

Implant dentists are always looking to refine the process of getting our bodies to accept dental implants, and the work being done by these colleagues is at the forefront of making bone-grafting and augmentation more predictable, so that our patients can have more natural smiles with implant-supported teeth. So I’m really looking forward to hearing about their latest advances in implant dentistry (as well as moaning about our children).