Will health problems prevent successful dental implants?

Not everyone who wants dental implants can say they have a perfect medical record. But the good news is: that doesn’t matter! As long as our patients inform us about their medical history and any conditions, we can still successfully fit dental implants.

A prime example is my own father: we celebrated his 80th birthday with a family dinner out a local restaurant last night. Two years ago, his bridge broke whilst he was undergoing heart surgery. His medication meant that we had to be careful as we proceeded, but we were able to fit dental implants successfully whilst he was under sedation. He hardly remembers the procedure! Two years on and his implants are obviously in fine form, as demonstrated by his empty plate at the end of the evening!

You don’t have to be in perfect health to have dental implants, but please make sure you tell us if you’re on any medication or suffering from conditions like diabetes, which make you more prone to infection. We are confident that we can care for you and give you the perfect smile, even if we can’t give you perfect health as well.