You Get What You Pay For

Son number 2 broke the bars of his scooter this week. He was very disappointed as they were relatively new and he’d expected to get a good deal of use out of them. He likes to do all sorts of tricks and jumps and the thing is in constant use. When he was researching all the different scooter companies on the internet he opted for one of the cheaper brands so he would have some of his money left over to buy a computer game. We tried to tell him that it was better to go for a good quality and a reputable make that would last, and then save up for the computer game. However, I guess we all have to learn that ‘you get what you pay for.’

We sometimes have people coming to us wanting a cheaper version for their implants, or asking if we can do it at the same prices they offer in countries like Poland or Hungary. The simple answer is of course no; we don’t do cheap. We do however, offer our patients the best value for a quality product, and one that will last many years. Although the price may seem high and we may need to save up for other things, as most of our implant patients will testify, they are well worth the investment. As a John Lewis salesman said to me ‘With a cheap price you pay twice’. Like son number 2’s scooter habit our teeth are in constant use and we need to invest in the best quality if we want them to last.